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Lac la Hache curling league is holding a Turkey shoot!

Curling clinic

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The Curl BC Community can take advantage of some great webinars being offered through our High Performance Program. These cost $20 plus GST to take part in (except for High Performance Program members, who can take part for free). Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions from our expert coaches and sports nutritionists.


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Some of the webinars are geared toward competitive curlers and coaches, but a number of them will be popular with club curlers.


The table below shows the webinars being offered by Curl BC.


The Ontario Curling Council is also offering coach and athlete webinars which are open to curlers across the country. Find out more at: http://www.ontariocurlingcouncil.com/blog/occ-webinar-series-for-coach-and-athlete-development/


For Curl Ontario’s Business of Curling webinars, geared towards people involved in curling club operations, visit http://ontcurl.com/business-of-curling-events/business-curling-webinar-series/.


Topic Date and Time Presenter Target Cost (Free to HP Program Members) About
Team Dynamics Nov 6, 7:00pm Bill Tschirhart HPP, Coaches, Curl BC Members 20.00 + GST This Q and A based presentation will explore what has become the key element in the success of a curling team, we will touch on how to deal with the myriad of issues that can make a team greater than the sum of its parts or tear it apart.
Immune System Boosting and Supplements Nov 14, 7:00pm Melissa Kazan HPP, Coaches, Athletes, Curl BC Members 20.00+ GST This Webinar will focus on immune boosting through food, and education on ergogenic supplement vs. vitamin/ mineral supplements, what blood parameters can be screened for to check for nutrient deficiency.
Advanced Curl Coach Nov 14, 6:00PM Stephen Orr Coaches 20.00 + GST Have you been using Curl Coach for a while and want to get more out of it?
In this session, Stephen Orr, the developer of Curl Coach will take you through some of the latest additions, little-known features and commonly asked questions about your e-charting tool. The session will be followed by an interactive Q&A session where you can ask “how do I?” questions. You can even request new features that may be missing today.
Charting to Win Nov 21, 7:00PM Stephen Orr Coaches 20.00 + GST Are you new considering charting your team? Do you need some convincing? 
In this session, Stephen Orr, developer of Curl Coach, provides an introduction to charting using methods from Paper & Pencil through to dedicated app. What you can chart, how to use the data, and the Do’s and Don’t of curling stats and teams. No matter what approach you choose, this session will help you get off on the right foot and make the most of the data you generate.
The Pedagogy of Instructing & Coaching Nov 23, 7pm Bill Tschirhart Coaches 20.00 + GST Club Coach Youth, Club Coach, and Competition Coach streams are really, really good at the content of teaching/instructing/coaching but what good is all that knowledge/content if you can’t get it across to the athlete(s) effectively. This presentation + Q & A session will give trained and certified coaches the tools they need to effectively deliver the content of what is learned in the text book, on the ice with their athletes.
Strategy and Tactics Workshop Nov 27, 7:00pm Bill Tschirhart HPP, Coaches, Curl BC Members 20.00 + GST This workshop style webinar is not about what shots to play but rather identifying the strengths of a team and making sure the team plays to those strengths. The workshop is very revealing to teams. The participants will be empowered by Bill following the session to conduct the workshop for their team(s).
Doping in Curling Dec 11, 7:00pm Karen Watson HPP, Coaches, Athletes 20.00 + GST Competitive Curling athletes can be subject to doping control rules and testing at any time and at any event. Coaches play a role in providing athletes with education and support to ensure they play ‘clean’. This webinar will assist coaches to understand why athletes are subject to doping control testing, What are banned substances, what products pose the greatest risk to athletes, who runs the Canadian Anti-doping Program and what are the rules.
Intro to Curl Coach Dec 12th, 7:00pm Stephen Orr CoCuraches 20.00 + GST Are you new to Curl Coach? Do you want some instruction on how to get started? 
This session is for you.. This session covers creating players, forming teams, managing venues, competitions and the right way to chart. Learn how to dig into the data to reveal your team’s strengths and areas for improvement. This session explores how the app can help you build a powerful plan for your team.



As more webinars are added they will be listed here: https://www.curlbc.ca/high-performance/calendar/


Coaching clinic


Hi curlers,

I trust everyone is safe during this crazy summer of wildfires!

If you are interested, this survey came from Curl BC.

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The Curling Club Annual General Meeting was held on Friday April, 23, 2017. The meeting went well and was adjourned by 8:00 pm.


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Junior Curlers win Ladies Open Bonspiel

100 Mile House’s Junior Girls curling team beat out 16 teams to take the championship in a great weekend of curling (March 3-5).

The annual Ladies’ Bonspiel was held at the 100 Mile Curling Club to the delight of players, coaches and curling fans.

“Sixteen teams made for a lot of great curling,” says Joanne Doddridge, president of the club. “We’re really proud of our junior girls. We’ve been expecting them to basically beat the more mature teams for a long time, but this was really great.”

The bonspiel was the junior team’s first major win.

“Everyone was so happy. It was just surreal. We didn’t go in expecting to win, we went in for fun, to have some playing time,” says junior skip Ashley Holyk.

At 16, Holyk is the oldest on the team. Rachel Sikiric (lead), Chloe Mitchell (second) and Hailey McNabb (third) make up the rest of the winning junior curlers.

“Everything just clicked this weekend. Everyone made their shots, we didn’t really mess up at all, everyone did just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything better from all of them,” says Holyk.

As skip, Holyk calls the shots and strategizes for the team. Did she do a good job?

“That’s what everyone told me,” she says with a laugh.

According to the girls, the first game, and the game needed to stay in the A division, was the most challenging.

“We were down by one or two going into the last end and we were able to pick up a point,” she says. The team forced the game into an extra end which they stole from the other team.

The tournament has given Holyk more confidence going forward.

“I underestimate our team,” she says. “All those people, they’re so good, they’re so advanced, they’ve had so much practice, but we can play against them. We can win.”

Their coach, Jim Mitchell, says he’s quite proud of the girls.

“They are in the process of transforming from learning the mechanical aspects of the game to learning the strategy of the game, so this is huge. This is the first time they have really successfully put the two together,” he says.

“They knew in theory how things should be done and this is the first time they have done it in practice, and it all worked for them.

The juniors, for their part, credit their coach.

“He’s the main reason that we definitely won that. He’s been with us for so long and he’s taught me so much and he’s helped us so much. Without him we wouldn’t have even been close to winning,” says Holyk.

The bonspiel marked the end of the season for the young curlers, but their hopes are high for next year.

“This is an extremely good starting point. Now that they’ve had this success, now we can go over it and analyze why they were successful. Up until now, I’ve only been able to talk to them strategy wise,” says Mitchell.

The tournament was a success not only for the junior team — much fun was had at the Saturday night dinner and dance and teams have promised to come back next year.

Because of the Juniors’ win, Doddridge said the bonspiel also gave a special thank you to the parents, coaches and the junior co-odinator.

“All of us are volunteers trying to help the juniors along and they finally pulled out a big win,” she says.

“They are always cheering for us,” says Holyk. “It’s always so good to have that support. It makes us feel so much more confident.”

Article from 100 Mile Free Press

Thank you Lac la Hache Curlers

We have to Shout Out to the Lac la Hache Curling club for donating $1,000 to our club for the replacement of the gas range in the kitchen. The old gas range was not working properly and their donation allowed us to get a great deal on a brand new one from Sears in 100 Mile. Sears also pitched in and helped make it affordable, and then Cameo/Ace did the install and they also pitched in to keep our costs down. What a great community effort to keep our club working well and up to date. THANK YOU!

Western Theme for Ladies Bonspiel!

The ladies bonspiel committee has decided that the Ladies Bonspiel March 3rd – 5th will have Western Theme! Come out and have some fun at the ladies Bonspiel and enjoy the Western Atmosphere. The Saloon will be open!

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